Week 13 : The Old Homestead


Painting of the Old Homestead as remembered by Elton Fay (my mother’s cousin). This house was torn down about 1919.
William J Smith with his wife Josie and father William Smith. My grandfather George’s wagon is in the pic so taken sometime between 1884 and 1890.
The original square part of the house was built about 1919. My grandparents (George and Sadie) lived in the garage/barn across the road from here while the house was being built. The garage on  the front was built during  the early ’60s and the kitchen addition built about 1968. There had been a summer kitchen and woodshed where that is now.
From my grandmother Sadie’s album.
after many additions, picture taken in ’70s. It’s not in this pic but the hay mow in previous pic is still there.
from Beers Atlas, Clinton County  1869
A close-up from above map. The original home of William and Mary Smith in Ellenburg was near Graves Brook. This is where their daughter, Charlotte, fell and injured her back. Next door to them was Mrs J Morehead. I believe she was William Smith’s sister. District 13 school was in the same area. The road is where the current Smith Road goes out to meet the Plank Road.
Ellenburg Color map
About in the center of this map you can see sections 30 & 31. At the bottom of section 31 is a small road at an angle with the number 260 under it. This is the Hinds Road (name changed to Barcomb Road with 911). The middle dot there was the Benjamin Hinds place that eventually became the Barcomb Farm. School # 2 is where my mother attended elementary school in the 1920s. To the north of that in section 10 on the border of section 9 is the Hutchins Cemetery where William and Mary Smith are buried (and many other relatives.)
Google Map Ellenburg
Current Google Map of the area. Amazing that the roads are the same after nearly 150 years.




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