Researching Alfred Allen

One of Abel and  Jane (Holt) Allen’s sons became a doctor and lived in Parishville, NY.  In 1870, he was 13 and still living in Stockholm with his parents. I am having a hard time finding him in 1880 census records because there are several Alfred Allens and I have no way to distinguish them. In 1900, he lived in Parishville with his wife Minnie and her parents. They had been married 12 years and had no children. (According to the newspaper, they were actually married in 1884.)  My search in is intriguing.

Norwood news., January 24, 1882

Courier and freeman., February 27, 1884
This one, I don’t really understand:


St. Lawrence Republican and Ogdensburgh weekly journal., December 31, 1884alfred6

Courier and freeman., February 18, 1891
Jane Allen was still alive in February 1891.
alfred7 but she died a short time later:

The Ogdensburg advance and St. Lawrence weekly Democrat., March 05, 1891


And here is Hattie Seaver, niece of Alfred and Amos Allen; which person is the mother of Hattie?  The Ogdensburg journal., January 23, 1894


There are many notes through the 1880’s and ’90s about Dr Allen being called for various ailments,including diphtheria, broken bones, lumber accidents and sick children. Finally, I found this one, a little more personal, about the doctor’s summer home.

St. Lawrence Republican and Ogdensburgh weekly journal., May 06, 1896alfred9

Courier and freeman., August 01, 1900



The Massena observer., October 04, 1900

The Massena observer., October 11, 1900alfred12

The St. Lawrence herald., November 02, 1900


The Northern tribune., September 25, 1901


Norwood news., October 01, 1901


Courier and freeman., October 02, 1901

Finally, with this article, we get an idea of what it was all about:


And sad news:

The Massena observer., October 10, 1901


JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 37 Oct. 1901


This article mentions that Alfred’s father Abel Allen was a native of Peru VT. And another gives his date and place of birth.

Courier and freeman., October 16, 1901,
The Ogdensburg journal., October 08, 1901

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