Heirloom ~ Week 8

Is there a special item that’s been passed down in your family?

Last night I talked to Cy about this at dinner and we started to make a list of things that I have that are passed down from my ancestors:

  • Butter Churn
  • Clock
  • Boston Rocker
  • Brass Kettle
  • Bowl and Pitcher
  • Larkin Desk
  • Hazel

Now some of these are pretty interesting and I may write about them someday but as I was getting ready to take photos this morning, I came across a box of smaller keepsakes.

Inside that were several watches. So this post became about Time Pieces .

The photo on the left shows an eight-day clock. My grandfather George and his friend went to town one day in 1907 and bought matching clocks for their mothers. The matching clock came up in an estate sale several years ago after Pearl (Hobbs) Cashman died. (Pearl’s granddaughter and my sister have been friends since forever.) I’m not sure which relative was the purchaser of the clock. (One of many instances where I wish I had made notes of the story.)

The second photo shows at the top my mother’s wristwatch that she wore to school every day.

In the middle is a watch belonging to my grandmother Sadie. She was wearing it attached as a pin to her dress in a photo.Sadie







The watch on the bottom of the right hand picture belonged to my grandfather, Pete. I don’t think there was much to be handed down from his family as the house he lived in burned about 1944 and he came to live on the farm with my parents sometime around 1949-50 (?). The watch may not be very old but one of the few things that belonged to him. He was admitted to the hospital in September 1969. The watch stopped and he died the next day.

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