Longevity ~ Week 3

The prompt for this week is “longevity.” “You might write something about the oldest person in your family tree. You could explore the person that took you the longest to find. Maybe it’s longevity in a job or career.

I wasn’t sure which person in my tree lived the longest. There are about 3000 people listed. Using “Family Tree Maker,” I was able to print a list. It could have been 64 pages, but I filtered it to include only “immediate” and “extended” family. That means the second cousin of the husband of the great-grandmother’s niece is not on this list but there are siblings of direct ancestors.

I went through the 11-page list checking for names that I have researched and noted their lifespan:

  • Josephine Ayer 87
  • Damase Barcomb 93
  • Nelson Barcomb 86
  • Salley Beaman 90
  • Nathan Beaman 91
  • Caroline Daignault 80
  • Ira S Davis 80
  • Hopeful Finch 94
  • Felicite Jodoin 87
  • Eva Lastraw 91
  • Isadore Lastraw 80
  • Naomi Lewis 94
  • Mary Jane Smith 80
  • Minnie Smith 81
  • William Smith 87
  • Peter Tourville 87

Originally, Ira A Davis was on this list having lived for 96 years. I went to his profile page on Ancestry.com and looked through the facts. I saw that I had found him in census records through 1880 but I had his date of death listed as 1911. Where was he between those years? It turns out that a different Ira Davis lived in western NY and actually did live until 1911. MY Ira stayed in Clinton County and died in 1888, aged 71 years. I confirmed this through Clyde Rabideau’s cemetery book and nyhistoricnewspapers.com .


Lesson learned: check the facts, check the facts again and find sources to establish the correctness of those facts.



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